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The first time I held a human brain in Anatomy Lab I was completely speechless. I looked at my classmates expecting a similar reaction and they looked back at me confused like…”dude let’s start identifying the structures.” I had to take a step back and let it process…in my hands was someone’s entire life. From start to finish, every memory, every emotion, every bodily control…was right there in my hands. 

I don’t care if people unfollow this is spectacular

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Well shit…

I’ve held two human brains so far in my college career. They’re freaky and amazing. I never gave much thought to brains before I took my first psychology class, but the more I learn about them, the more in awe I am. Holding a brain is basically like holding a physical representation of a soul. 

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Unaired SNL Sketch: Nasim Pedrad as Aziz Ansari

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